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  • Advantages of International Medical Services
    Appointment System:
    All medical services need to be done by appointment.
    Specialist Teams:
    Medical consultation is made by famous ophthalmologists including medical directors, PhDs and post-doctors, we also provide telemedicine consultation.
    • Complicated Eye Diseases Treatment:
      For complicated eye cases, we adopt MDT mode led by a team which includes PhDs and post-doctors, chief physicians and medical directors.
    • Inpatient services:
      VIP room, ward round by medical directors, bag check.
    • Insurance Direct Billing:
      Direct billing with more than 20 insurance companies.
    • Green Channel:
      no need to queue up for examination, consultation, treatment, medicine and surgery.
    • Multi-language Services:
      Chinese, English, Japanese and Spanish are available, we also provide English medical report.
    • Strict Privacy Protection
    • One-on-one Accompanying Services
    • Multi-currency Settlement Methods
    • Professional Post-operative Management