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    • Dongjing LIU
      Deputy Medical Director of Sichuan Eye Hospital
      Chief Physician /Master Supervisor
      Member of Combined Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Ophthalmology Committee of Chinese Medical Association
      PhD in Ophthalmology, Sichuan University (formerly West China University of Medical Sciences)

      Dr. Liu was graduated from Sichuan University (formerly West China Medical University, Department of Clinical Medicine), PhD in Ophthalmology, master’s supervisor. He is a member of the Combined Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Ophthalmology Specialized Committee and an associate professor. He was the deputy director of ophthalmology, deputy director of ophthalmology teaching and research department, and master's supervisor of the Affiliated Hospital of North Sichuan Medical College. He is mainly engaged in the diagnosis, surgical treatment and research of glaucoma and fundus diseases. He has rich clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of fundus diseases such as glaucoma, complex retinal detachment and diabetic retinopathy, and has completed more than 2000 surgeries on fundus and glaucoma.

      Dr. Liu has published 15 papers in core journals such as Chinese Fundus Disease, etc. His paper "Glaucoma Pathogenesis and Clinical Research" won the third prize of Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Progress in 2006. He also won the third prize of Nanchong City Science and Technology Progress in 2008. He has 2 projects under research in Sichuan Provincial Department of Education.

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